Episode 50: The One With the Grand Revelations

Welcome Pathfinders! The Doorkeepers have entered Ubet’s Folly but now must deal with a strange guardian that seems to know more about some of our heroes than they know about each other… Secrets will be revealed and new questions will be raised as we celebrate our 50th Episode!


Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster and Host

Heather Allen plays Onuris, the aasimar Cleric of Horus

Jessica Peters plays Sagira Maibe, the suli Ranger

Jordan Jenkins plays Sudi Kontar, the catfolk monk of Pharasma

Rachel Sandidge plays Sitra Naham-ra, the human Rogue

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at https://syrinscape.com/

Opening and closing music provided by Ryan Mumford

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  1. Started listening during COVID after looking for podcast related to Tyrants Grasp. I decided to give a listen to Mummy’s Mask and I am really enjoying it. Keep up the good work and especially grateful that I can listen in the car with my kids present as it is very family friendly.

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