Episode 8: The One Where They Save the Cat

Welcome Pathfinders! Just when they thought they were out… episode eight opens with the players fighting to save a feline from a horrid undead creature! Once they can get past this it’s time to return to Wati and sell some loot before learning where their next location to explore is!


Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster and Host.

Heather Allen plays Onuris, the aasimar Cleric of Horus.

Jessica Peters plays Sagira Maibe, the suli Ranger.

Jordan Jenkins plays Sudi Kontar, the catfolk Monk of Pharasma.

Rachel Sandidge plays Sitra, the human Rogue.

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at: https://syrinscape.com/

Opening and closing music provided by Ryan Mumford!