Episode 63: The One With the Sad Villain Backstory

Welcome Pathfinders! The Doorkeepers take a second to breath and read the prophetic ramblings of a mad woman, and in doing so learn the sad history of their old foe the Barefoot Man, aka Nebta-Khufre…


Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster and Host

Heather Allen plays Onuris (LG male aasimar Cleric 6 of Horus)

Jessica Peters plays Sagira Maibe (CN female suli Ranger 5/Brawler 1)

Jordan Jenkins plays Sudi Kontar (LN male catfolk Unchained Monk 5/Living Monolith 1)

Rachel Sandidge plays Sitra Naham-ra (CG female human Unchained Rogue 6)

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at https://syrinscape.com/

Opening and closing music provided by Ryan Mumford