Episode 126: The Second One With Picasi

Welcome Pathfinders! The Doorkeepers have survived the attack of Picasi, the mysterious woman out to kill the Last Eye of Ra and now must decide what to do with her. Can the Doorkeepers bring themselves to kill her, knowing she might have answers that Sudi seeks?


Rick Sandidge is Gamemaster and Host

Heather Allen plays Masika of the Bekhen (NG female undine Shaman 10)

Jessica Peters plays Hollis Starkweather (NG female elf Wizard 10)

Jordan Jenkins plays Sudi Kontar (LN male catfolk Unchained Monk 5/Living Monolith 5)

Rachel Sandidge plays Sitra Naham-ra (NG female human Unchained Rogue 10)

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at https://syrinscape.com/

Mummy’s Mask theme provided by Ryan Mumford.